Jennifer A. Hall, SR/WA

What do you like best about working with TNP?

I love TNP’s leadership and clear vision of serving its employees and their clients.  Through the required reading list, mentoring program and amenities, it is clear that the leadership is intentional about improving the lives of the employees and serving our clients.

How would you describe the culture at TNP?

TNP’s culture provides an environment where team work and continuous learning are highly encouraged.  Upon understanding the company mission statement of “Doing the Right Things, Right, it causes us to be ‘others focused’ and creates a unique family atmosphere like no other.

What are you passionate about?

The statement that sums up this question in one simple phrase is, “I love people and learning”.    Sometimes in life we can get “stuck”, whether it’s due to past experiences related to suffering, hardships, negativity, or other life issues.  Gaining the knowledge and resources to change lives for the better, or achieving self-awareness creates freedom worth experiencing.  My purpose and passion is in serving others and sharing my testimony of how liberating it is, to be free of any guilt, shame, or undeserving thoughts that real life struggles can often create.