Team Leader – Municipal/ Site Development


Team Leader (Houston Area)


TNP is looking for an experienced Team Leader to join our Cypress, TX office. The Team Leader is responsible for project planning, scheduling, and maintaining client relationships. They are also responsible for overseeing staff charged with the design, development, delivery and management of projects. The Team Leader position provides an excellent opportunity for personal & professional growth, participation for our mentoring program, as well as the opportunity to have a strong leadership role in the growth and development of the team.

Position Requirements: 

      At a minimum, the Team Leader must meet the following educational, professional and personal requirements:


  • B.S. in Civil Engineering
  • Current registration as a Professional Engineer (Civil) in the State of Texas.


  • Responsive and results oriented in service to clients.
  • Design proficiency with roadway, drainage, water, and sanitary sewer improvements is required.
  • Five (5) years minimum design experience in public works and site design
  • Five (5) years minimum experience as a Project Manager and/or Team Leader.
  • Ten (10) years minimum combined experience.
  • Five (5) years minimum experience in the local Houston area market working with local governmental entities, including municipalities, school districts, counties and municipal utility districts.
  • Proficiency with Civil 3D, Microsoft Word and Excel required.
  • Committed to professional development.
  • Demonstrated leadership and ability to effectively acquire, train & mentor a qualified & productive team.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop solid working relationships with other team members.
  • Demonstrated ability to schedule work to meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage & meet client expectations.


  • Strong personal organizational and time management skills.
  • Continuous learner, good listening and comprehension skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Interacts positively and effectively with people in all levels of organizations.
  • Effective manager, leader and mentor.
  • Strong sense of Urgency with a “Get it done” / “Can do” attitude.


      Responsibilities require being involved in both the production and management of projects, as well as managing multiple clients and a project team.  More specifically, responsibilities include:


  • Leader & Director for overall team.
  • Manager/Coach for Project Managers and other direct reports.
  • Mentor for Production Team members.
  • Chief Outside Sales and Marketing Person for team.
  • Chief Client Manager for team.


  • Accountable for maintaining a healthy work environment for your team.
  • Accountable for communicating standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidelines and processes (i.e., qa/qc review, CAD standards, project management, project delivery, reporting, filing & documentation’ training, etc.) and ensuring that they are understood and followed.
  • Accountable for the output & results (production, performance & execution) of your direct reports…(i.e., the delivery of projects following established SOPs, guidelines and processes; and in accordance with the scope, schedule and established budget).
  • Accountable for the leadership & management of your direct reports so that they collaborate competently and with full commitment to you and each other in pursuing the goals established for them.
  • Accountable for developing & maintaining (hiring, firing, training, etc.) a team capable of producing the output & results required.
  • Accountable for mentoring Production Team members.
  • Accountable for maintaining a healthy workload and backlog for your direct reports and their teams.
  • Accountable for scoping, pricing, negotiating, contracting, invoicing & aging A/Rs.
  • Accountable for maintaining strong client relationships.
  • Accountable for accomplishing the goals in your own personal, professional-development plan.


  • Authority to set direction and goals for your team (consistent with overall company direction & goals).
  • Authority to recommend standard operating procedures, guidelines and processes.
  • Authority to veto appointments of direct reports.
  • Authority to assign tasks to and establish deadlines for your direct reports.
  • Authority to approve work schedules and personal time off requests for your direct reports.
  • Authority to decide personal effectiveness appraisal and merit awards for your direct reports.
  • Authority to establish collaborative partnerships between Project Managers, Technical Experts and/or Market Experts.
  • Authority to request/recommend collaborative partnerships with other Team Leaders.
  • Authority to hire and/or initiate removal of your direct reports and/or their direct reports.
  • Authority to market, offer and sell services on behalf of TNP.
  • Authority to approve scopes, fees, schedules& contract agreements.
  • Authority to engage with clients through relationship-building and/or marketing activities.
  • Authority to delegate some responsibilities (w/approval of your Director and/or Operations Manager).


  • Establish and communicate team goals.
  • Communicate SOPs, guidelines and processes, and ensure that they are understood and followed.
  • Establish goals for your direct reports.
  • Monitor progress, performance and overall execution of your direct reports on an ongoing basis.
  • Approve time/effort of your direct reports.
  • Hire, fire, train & develop your direct reports.
  • Schedule regular mentoring sessions with the Production Team members under your direct reports’ supervision.
  • Market and sell services on behalf of TNP, including responding to new OPPS, prospects, RFPs, etc.
  • Approve all scopes, fees, schedules and contract agreements for your team.
  • Engage clients through relationship-building and/or marketing activities on regular intervals.
  • Prepare your own individual action plan for professional development.
  • Maintain strong overall financial performance.

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